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Get your home ready for Spring Easter is fast approaching and Rita has been busy crafting. Here she shares some of her favourite spring time wreath and hoop makes. Making the most of the long weekend, these are simple and quick projects that can be completed in an afternoon and involve very little equipment.

Does she favour the Audrey, the Lazy Girl, or the Knot?  Is she traditional and inclined towards a square worn as a headscarf, like the Queen? Perhaps she prefers a longer more drapey affair worn like a shawl, or maybe a fine silk crepe twisted like a necklace? We asked Paprika Gift’s very own Anne to share her […]

If home styling tips, interior design ideas and design in general is what you love, then you’ll know that sometimes things look ‘just right’ and ‘aesthetically pleasing’ (but you’re not sure why). Design is a skill and not always taught, some people just ‘have an eye for it’. But whether a jewellery designer, fashion designer, […]