Home Styling Tips – The rule of 3

If home styling tips, interior design ideas and design in general is what you love, then you’ll know that sometimes things look ‘just right’ and ‘aesthetically pleasing’ (but you’re not sure why).

Design is a skill and not always taught, some people just ‘have an eye for it’. But whether a jewellery designer, fashion designer, graphic designer or interior designer, there are some design rules and principles that they all live and breath by.

Home Styling Tips – Why 3 is better than 2

This is what we really want to talk about and how three is going to be better than two – or even four – for you this Christmas (well for any time of year actually).

According to the infamous Wikipedia, the rule of three (or power of three) is a writing principle that suggests that things that come in threes are funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. The reader or audience of this form of text is also thereby more likely to remember the information.

candlesSo apply that to home styling and you get a very pleasant result. The fun with threes (or thirds) is endless and don’t think all three things need to be the same thing, though that works too – three candles of different height on the Christmas mantle piece or clusters of lights and tree decorations in 3s (not 2s). Even three complementary objects at the centre of the Christmas lunch table (or even serving plates arranged in threes) can strike an appealing pose.

And it’s not just about Christmas

sailingLots of things look great in groups of three, or even five. And the ‘odd number’ and rule of three theory is not just in home interiors but in all sorts of things like planting and floristry too. So, next time you are arranging something – give it a go. You’ll be surprised how odd numbers and asymmetry is pleasing to the eye.

We also love the School of Decorating blog ‘how to style your coffee table with 3’ which puts the principle into practice very nicely.

And now that you know about threes and thirds, you’ll be spotting them everywhere, in cake decorating, textile patterns, car design and even architecture.

The Colour Wheel

You might also be interested in the classic colour wheel concept to help you when styling your home.

A tried and trusted companion to every designer. It helps remind us of the colours that go, and those that maybe don’t. This BBC Homes version illustrates the point well and also helps plan colour schemes.

And finally…

Get some inspiration from our Facebook and Instagram pages and get creative. Most of all – have fun – after all, the 12 days of Christmas are divisible by three, and there were three Kings, so the rules works in mysterious ways indeed!

You might like to explore our Home Decor Range to see what you can make work in 3s.


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