How to make fabulous Spring hoops and wreaths

Get your home ready for Spring

Easter is fast approaching and Rita has been busy crafting. Here she shares some of her favourite spring time wreath and hoop makes. Making the most of the long weekend, these are simple and quick projects that can be completed in an afternoon and involve very little equipment.

If the sun continues to shine, then of course we’ll all be outside in our gardens this Easter but it’s always lovely to bring the outside in and decorate the house. You only have to look at Pinterest and Instagram to see that spring decorations can be so much more than just Easter trees and eggs. Wreaths and hoops are popular, simple and very effective.

So, we asked Rita to show us some of her favourite ideas for decorating hoops and wreaths.

Ragged Wreath

It doesn’t come any easier than this – all you need is an old wire coat hanger and about one metre of pretty fabric, no gluing and no sewing!

  1. Bend the coat hanger and reshape into a circle.
  2. Tear 3’ (8cm) strips of your chosen fabric and cut into tabs about 6’ (16cm) long.
  3. One by one simply tie onto your coat hanger frame. Tie tightly, bunching them together as close as possible until the hanger is covered completely.

Remember it’s supposed to look shabby chic so don’t worry about rough edges. The shabbier the better! Once the wire is covered you can decorate it with faux flowers, eggs or ribbon. Rita made some paper daisies for this one.

Ragged wreath step-by-step guide

Hula hoops

Bang on trend and simply stylish.

Here Rita has covered white wire hoops (or you can use hula hoops) with florist tape, then simply wrapped faux eucalyptus around the hoop. These are currently in the shop window and look really effective.

  1. Hang with hessian tape or ribbon. These are great for any season and look really effective as a wedding decoration too.
  2. You could add spring blossom too if you want to add some colour or decorate with eggs for an Easter hoop.Hula Hoops

Polystyrene Ring

Readily available from Hobbycraft – simply wrap with wool or ribbon in your chosen colour and then embellish. Rita has made white felt flowers to go on this one – a little more time consuming but certainly achievable armed with YouTube and a glue gun.

Poly Hoops

Have a go!

We hope this inspires you to make a Spring hoop and if so we would love to see your makes. If you’re in a hurry, this year we have these gorgeous ready-made wreaths from Gisela Graham which would look lovely inside or outside this Easter.

Gisela Graham Wreaths

Please feel free to share on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram (#paprikagifts) to show us your makes. We would love to see your creations!

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