What does your loved one like? Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s just one day of the year but OH the pressure, the anticipation and the expectation to find that perfect Valentine gift or experience.

Love it or loathe it, it’s hard to ignore. Some say it’s over commercialised and cheesy, but we say embrace it! Cuddle up. Get loved up and make a fuss of your loved one to show them you care.

Our top ideas for Valentine’s brownie points:

Breakfast in bedBreakfast in bed:

Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? It’s the perfect start to the day! Set a tray with your Valentine’s card and breakfast treats like croissants or toast with their favourite topping. Serve tea or coffee in a personalised mug like the Mr & Mrs mugs by Keith Brymer Jones, or an alphabet mug accessorised with a customised tea spoon. Or go the extra mile with bubbles and smoked salmon. Yum!

Small packages:

Think jewellery. Think earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Think personalisation. Think love hearts and little cupids. Maybe even go straight to the heart with diamonds (pop the question?). That would certainly start the day with a bang.

Think Love candle and silver Clear Crystal ringLight up their life:

Treat your loved one to a romantic candlelit dinner, or run a bath and fill the bathroom with scented candles. What’s not to like?

Make them a star:

Frame one of the many photos from your phone’s camera roll. Better still, make a collage! Remind your loved one of a special moment shared and go for silver or mirrored frames, which are currently on trend – heart shaped frames are even better.

Show-stopping chocs:

If chocolates really are the way to their heart, get creative with how you give them. Present them on or in something which will last – heart shape dishes and big velvet bows would be a winner here.

Caroline Gardiner Handbag collectionFeed the collector:

Handbag. That’s all we need to say. Handbag. ‘Who needs another handbag? Not me!’ said no woman, ever. The hardest part is picking the colour, so keep the receipt, then they can change it if it’s not quite right. Tricky things to get right sometimes handbags, but the reward usually outweighs the risk.

Travel fan?

Book a surprise weekend away and give them a stylish travel wallet with the tickets inside. Leather wallets will last for years and they come in a multitude of colours (to match the handbag).

Silver heart traysLove on a budget:

Even the smallest token of affection can get a great big smile. Perfect gifts for under a fiver are everywhere, just think about what would make their day, and what you could give them that keeps you near to their heart. Pens, jewellery, books, key rings and even smaller items like these East of India Love hearts are a perfect love token. You don’t have to break the bank to make their day.

Giving something a bit more original and meaningful than the obligatory flowers and chocolates will be a nice surprise for your special someone this year. And if you’re popping the question this Valentine’s may we wish you all our love and best wishes for the right answer. Good luck and go for it!

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