The perfect gift (and who are Paprika Gifts?)

There’s so much choice when looking for the perfect gift these days that unless you have a lot of time on your hands it can be overwhelming to even know where to start.

When I initially thought about writing this blog I began by considering how we would help if you came into store.

The perfect gift – tips on choosing the right one

We would probably start by asking lots of questions. Not because we’re nosy but rather to help us understand more about the person you are buying for, be that yourself or a friend or loved one.

So here is our usual list of questions:

  1. How old are they?
  2. What’s the occasion – wedding, birthday, christening, thank you?  
  3. What are their interests or hobbies? How do they spend their spare time? For example, if you were buying for me a gardening or fashion related gift would always hit the mark because those are the things I love.
  4. How well do you know this person? If you don’t know the person well it can often be more difficult because you want something nice and inoffensive. In this instance perhaps something less personal, such as a candle or book, might work.
  5. What’s your budget? Everyone has one and it varies according to who you are buying for.

If you are buying fashion items or jewellery you should consider the colouring and even shape of the person. This may seem odd but think of a very tiny woman – they will rarely be happy with big jewellery as it will swamp them, so a more delicate piece is often more appropriate.

If you are stuck for ideas or trying to buy to your budget then ‘gift combos’ as I call them are a great solution. Two of my favourites are socks in a mug, or a makeup bag with a treat inside, say a lip balm or soap. Also, people love to open lots of parcels! There are endless great combinations but I think that’s a blog for another day.

I suppose what I am saying is: buy for them and not you. However, if you have gone to the trouble of really thinking about them when you make your purchase and you love it, have confidence! The chances are they will love it too.

Men's giftsTips for buying online

This is probably obvious, but always check the small print. Also, regarding delivery, most online stores will do their utmost to get your purchase out to you as soon as possible, but when buying online also consider:

  • Terms and Conditions for faulty goods and returns.
  • Delivery charges, especially if your parcel is heavy or coming from abroad.
  • Your consumer rights – sites like Which always have good advice.

Why a specialist shop?

Here at Paprika Gifts I like to think we have already done the searching and filtering for you. We have a broad and comprehensive selection to choose from and we hope we have something for everyone and for every occasion.


Plus, shoppers always have budget on their mind. So, we buy with that in mind too and try to offer a range of price points in each category. If you need accessories, jewellery, homewares or something a bit different but still useful and well-priced then an independent like us is a good place to start.

A good gift store will always be willing to offer help and advice throughout the shopping experience. They will hopefully have gone that extra mile to put together a range offering value and variety that is in line with current trends because no one wants to be behind the times. This is exactly the type of store Paprika Gifts is, we love the products we stock and we hope you do to.

So feel free to browse through our pages, we hope you find inspiration and the perfect gift whoever it is you are thinking of.

If you’re still searching for ‘just the right thing’, have a look at what’s new in and see if the perfect gift you’re looking for is there.